┬┐Quien Soy? About the Coming Out of a Poet & Lover...

I was born in 1966, the Chinese year of the Horse, and mujer am I a horsewoman and a Libra, born with a heart so full of LOVE, to this day I wear my heart on my Banana Republic sleeve -- not too mention a 3rd Generation Milwaukeean whose family comes from Michoacan, Mexico!  I am the 1980 spelling bee champion for St. Anthony's Catholic School in Milwaukee, and I knew that words were going to save my life and if I knew how to present myself in English, no one could stop me from getting ahead.  I started writing poetry and drawing and painting and making magazine collages and designing my own greeting cards and acting and doing mime and making tapes on 8 tracks and cassettes on the southside of Milwaukee at a very young age.  

The arts were my outlet of how I saw the world through color and images and thoughts and music, you know.  And then came canicas and basketball and softball and kickball and volleyball and swimming and sledding and playing tag before the street lights came on, of course.  You see, that's where I got my high energy out so I wasn't fighting all the time (I knew things about the world by the time I was 7 years old and where women, mexicans, puerto ricans, girls who liked girls and boys who liked boys, and brown skinned people belonged so I was always getting into fights if I was looked at "crooked" or if somebody called me a name to protect myself, my family, friends and cousins, my dignidad).  Thank God and La Virgen de Guadalupe for taking good care of me in this world!

Today, I write and read my poetry and tell my stories around the city and around the U.S. and look forward to taking my work globally tambien!   

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