¡Fotos de mi vida! A day in my Life!

With band "Urban Sol" and artist Ras Ammar Nsoroma of Milwaukee at UWM's Lyrical Sanctuary Reading. What amazing energy between us!

Want to have me read poetry in full effect at your university, bookstore, cafe or community center?  

Hit me up: murguiaprojects@outlook.com

It's finally here: Fall, my favorite time of year, especially in "The Mil'!"

More time to write, organize my office space, teaching to people of all ages, or just plain chilling with a good book like The latest Anthology I'm in:



Ammar drew as I read poetry.  Here is his vision of my poem in honor of Juana Gloria Vega (1965-2001) entitled, "The New Carmen! ¡La Nueva Bizet!" Soo nice!

HOT OFF THE PRESS! The UNIVERSITY OF IL PRESS (c.2015) I  was interviewed & edited by Theresa Delgadillo, Associate Director, dept. of  Comparative Studies, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY
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