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Or even better, I love to receive hand written correspondence, hombre, so send me a postcard from your casa, vacation spot, or negocio.

Here's a Classic poem I wrote that I love delivering:


When I grow up, I want to be a Mariachi!  One who strides through La Plaza, surrounded by guitarras and charm and harmony, in a black, wool, charro outfit, snake skin Tony Lamas beneath a sombrero trimmed in gold with a velvety, smooth voice to match serenading women the songs they remind me of: ¡Canciones de Amor!  When I grow up, I want to be a Mariachi!  You see, as it is right now, my choices are limited to, becoming a wife, a cook, a mother, or a lover without a man to depend on!  So, I'm told, "Seven year olds shouldn't look at other little classmates the way I look at you and want so much to serenade you with Songs of Love.  It's not right!" they say.  So if I must be a man in order to experience your eyes watching my hands command la guitarra!  And your body quivering everytime I cry out your name with an ¡Hay! and your hands, your hands applauding in Spanish!  Then, let's get on with the operation! c. 1993 Carmen Alicia Murguía

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